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Bee Organized!® Total Classroom Solutions

Beecon Learning provides total classroom solutions on a turn-key or one-off basis, and we are happy to furnish your classroom from floor to ceiling.  You designate the furniture, instructional materials, art supplies, books, games and toys you need, and we will either ship the materials to your location, or we will provide onsite set-up, at an additional fee depending on the scope of work you need. We also source the hard to find items you want on a special order or purchase order basis.  We have relationships with hundreds of manufacturers and all major publishers so Beecon Learning can aggregate all your educational needs in one easy order.

Together with its joint venture partner, Results Staffing, Beecon Learning, can provide a turn-key solution for your early learning classroom.  We can do as much or as little as you need. We specialize in custom classrooms with our Bee Organized!® Total Classroom Solutions,  we operate a retail location in the Dallas Design District if you want to see and touch your materials before you order.

The Center for Improving the Readiness of Children for Learning and Education (“CIRCLE”) at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston has developed a checklist to help you set up your pre-K classroom.

(Please click the image above to view the pre-kindergarten checklist)


Taking into consideration the recommendations and research conducted by CIRCLE, Beecon Learning's classroom designs include the following:

  • Traffic Patterns: Furniture and play centers are arranged in delineated areas, and take into consideration proximity to the door, to the sink, to the teacher’s desk, etc.
  • Materials Placed at the Children’s Level: Things the children use are stored in appropriate-sized furniture depending on age level so that children can access needed materials without having to ask the teacher to get them. 
  • Organized Storage: There is plenty of storage to help teachers avoid a messy classroom. We recommend cubbies and open bookshelves and block storage so that all materials can be labeled to assist with organization and to reinforce literacy skills.
  • Adequate Equipment and Supplies: We will work with you to identify necessary equipment for Centers and to provide a variety of materials to intrigue the children. 
  • Clearly Delineated Areas: We recommend the use of low furniture, colorful mats, and rugs to delineate Centers and give the teacher an unobstructed view of the children at all times so that the room will have a more open, interactive feel.
  • Coordinated Placement of Centers:  Our personnel will help teachers set up classrooms so that the process is quick and the teachers can decide how to separate noisy areas from quiet areas and place interlinked centers, such as the dressup and kitchen areas, near each other to encourage creative interaction. 
  • SmallGroup and Independent Work Areas: If requested, our personnel will visit on-site if necessary to help teachers set up separate learning areas to facilitate small group learning.
  • LargeGroup Areas: We provide a variety of sizes for furniture, rugs, and mats so that teachers can decide how to establish an open area large enough to accommodate all the children at one time and for wholegroup meetings. We represent a number of different manufacturers, so teachers can select classroom furniture that is childsized, and color-coordinated. Since we offer such a broad range of products, teachers can supplement each classroom with culturally and linguistically diverse posters, pictures, and books, depicting real people of differing abilities.
  • Individual Learning Areas: Although custom orders are our specialty, we can recommend suggested products for a number of individual learning centers to help you set up your classroom.   The Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines suggest the following seven centers: 
    • Pretend and Learn Center
    • Writer’s Corner
    • Library and Listening Center
    • Construction Center
    • Math and Science Center
    • Creativity Station
    • ABC Center

Beecon Learning provides a wide variety of learning materials, including books, consumables, math manipulatives, games, science materials, art supplies, role play costumes, puppets, toys, kitchens, sand/water and outdoor play to help support your curriculum plan. We will work with you to create a positive and effective classroom which creates a learningconducive environment.



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