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Beecon started with a simple proposition…how to enrich the classroom by combining innovative educational products into topical kits for teachers.  Our curriculum-based kits support state and federal standards to give teachers a running start on their school year.   Beecon provides name-brand products to meet the needs of parents, teachers and children worldwide.  We understand that the best way to help children learn is to support their teachers -- so our products are created by teachers for teachers.

Sara Ann (Sally) Badarak, M.S.

Sally Badarak began her career as an elementary school teacher, instructing children at various grade levels in public and parochial settings for over 15 years.  Eventually, she became a site specialist in the management of state and federally funded categorical programs.  For over 18 years, she developed curricular programs for at-risk children; and coordinated state and federal categorical funds to insure that students meet grade-level state standards. Mrs. Badarak helped author several site-level School Plans for Student Achievement; and she has implemented and monitored before and after-school Title I and EIA-funded programs.  Mrs. Badarak is experienced in managing, monitoring and reporting student assessment and results.  Additionally, she has worked with parents and community members to support student achievement.


Mike Hall, M.Ed.

Mike has been an educator for over 40 years.   Starting his career as a teacher and athletic coach, he eventually became an athletic director, and then served as a High School Principal at various schools for 31 years.   Mike has been recognized for many accomplishments over his distinguished career and was named Educator of the Year in 2003 by the Hamilton County PTA.   Mike currently serves as a consultant to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and has authored several books on school drug prevention programs. 


Gary Badarak, Ph.D. (Education)

Dr. Badarak has worked in public school education for 30 years.  He began his career working with public and private school staffs in designing evaluations to meet federal and state reporting requirements.  Over the years, he has been responsible for the administration of student achievement testing programs, the evaluation of district instructional programs, the development of district assessments, and the evaluation of district, state, and federal programs.  In addition, he served as a liaison to county, state and federal research and testing agencies.  Dr. Badarak has also contributed to studies in the politics of education, education policy formation, and the impact of class size on student achievement.


Nancy Roberts, Ph.D.

Dr. Roberts taught anatomy and physiology courses at the college level for several years before entering a career as a Medical Research scientist.  In addition, Dr. Roberts is the author and illustrator of several children’s books, including the Animal Alphabet series published by Beecon Learning, LLC.  As a mother of two and a grandmother of five, she encourages an interest in science for children. Dr. Roberts is also a co-author of the Li'l Pute series of children books published by Beecon Learning.

Diana Muehlenkamp, M.Ed.
Diana Muehlenkamp has been a classroom teacher for over thirty years, and has taught at various levels from primary through high school levels in both public and private settings.  Ms. Muehlenkamp is also a speech and drama coach, an author of several children’s short stories and young adult novels, and served as an arts advisor for a private school.  Over the years, Ms. Muehlenkamp has helped develop curriculum and served on the curriculum committee for the schools were she taught.  In 2007-2008, Ms. Muehlenkamp was honored as the VFW Middle School Teacher of the Year for the State of Kentucky.  In 2009, she was selected as Teacher Sponsor for a Being an American winner.  Despite her many achievements, Ms. Muehlenkamp is most proud of being a grandmother of six grandchildren, ages three through thirteen. 

William G. Davidson, M.A.

Bill Davidson spent his career as a research scientist developing pharmaceuticals at a large research and development laboratory. He retired from that job and started writing children's books and poetry.  Bill is deeply committed to education and strongly believes that children who begin reading at an early age will grow intellectually the rest of their lives. Today, he is a co-author of the Li'l Pute series of children books published by Beecon Learning.


Kirk Roberts, Ph.D

For several years, Dr. Roberts taught economic theory, financial theory and monetary theory at the graduate school level.   Dr. Roberts subsequently served as Chief Operating Officer of the Cincinnati Federal Home Bank.  Today, Dr. Roberts serves as a financial advisor to Beecon Learning, LLC.

Fredrick A. Cook, CPA  

Mr. Cook has over 35 years financial management experience with over 20 years at the officer or director level, including Chief Financial Officer, Controller and Treasurer.  Mr. Cook’s most recent position was Chief Financial Officer of a company providing information technology and services to a variety of Federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Labor.  Mr. Cook held senior management positions at DSC Communications, Michigan General Corporation and University Computing Company after beginning his career at Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas.  Mr. Cook is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Feel free to review our website for instant access to products featured in the Kinderkits for Letter Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, Early  Reading, Written Expression, Math, Science and the Toddler Beeginning Kit for Letter Knowledge and  Number Recognition.


At Beecon, we’re dedicated to our customers.  Every product we sell is distinguished by its quality, safety, educational merit, and value. And every Beecon product is backed by our guarantee: if you are unhappy with any item for any reason, you may return it within 30 days for a refund or exchange…no questions asked!  If  you need help with an order, just contact our Customer Service department at 877-9BEECON.

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